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Toh Year No. 235 Phone RE. 1956 WTOP Radio (1500) TV (Ch. 9) FIVE CENTS


Soviets Ask U.S. to Ban Atom Tests

New Bulganin Note Again Rejects Ike's

Egyptians Take Over

First Russian Pilots Arrive at Suez Canal


House Unit Links Hall

Te Deal on


‘Cleared’ Company

Secretary Will Seek Support for

The 6 Western na walkouts followed : User’ Plan

their Saez The old Suez Canal Co. an- and the first nounced plans to fly out its ved to offer nearty 300 foreign employes


ul wit ony


Tom Masterson

walked off Canal jobs tonight Soviet pilots arr


President Talks

Oe Assurance It Had Ne Democrats. Memo Indicate<

- _— .

tors made s secret that GOP

- «© 4 e - mea raik Was

muse Covert

ae - __— w © _——— a> ye oe

sated ¢ ent was one Justice refused te

: Gi esiuga

a: Department had frase & wr:

Bron«< bow Ttarnet periment car's fem Ewds @ 2c ve Frederick Yor®

"Becoks said the documert wee ene of several that Cremer meoerted “misses from his private Gies after officials of the Geoeral Services Admiz- mtration wmspected tiem and made micreti= copies of all @ocuments deaieg with the nickel cient. the United Press further reported)

? sertaieed to Cremer’s ef fris tw ebtzin 2 SS million ->* : for ex pansion of the S100 million Geverument-ecened sicke!l plant at Nicaro. Cuba

Predemck Snare obtained the qetiract m@ comyumects with Mert Coeeman and Scott. anether “New York coucern

rs FW ia

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the ad rat sas of

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Paul Batier and the preside nt:ai candidate s sister, Mrs. Ernest Ives. can be seen behind the Stevensens. (Related stery es Page 1.)

Adlai Says He’ll Enter W hite House This Time”

By Richard L. Lyons Saf! Reporter Adiai Stevenson opened his from Harrisburg were two of campaizn headquarters here yes- his sons. Borden and John Fell. terday with the declaration that and his sister. Mrs Ernest he will more inte the White Ives. They were driven im a

‘Stanley Plan Modified

n Committee

5 dewn Vote Set

For Monday on

Va. Integration Ficht By Robert ©. Baker

Stat Bese” RICHMOND. Va. Sept. 14—

Open Sky Proposal. Urges Negotiations

_ MOSCOW, Sept. 14 GP) nier Nikolai A. Bulganin new efforts to the East-West disarm- : mm deadiock in his letter to President Eisenhower this week. it was disclosed to night. But he again rejected the President's “open sky™ jest northbound and south imspection plan which he bound convoys through the 103 Sad Russia could not view mile waterway and cleared the “without fear.” The text of Bulganin’s

their services to Egypt The momeotous shift of canal operations to solely Egyptian management was whoeventful Friday midnight was the dead line the tranefer

The Soviet pilots were told they could go to work at any time. Thei was not disclosed. Egyptian pilots were asked to work double shifts to keep canal trait me

Western pilots steered

for *, 9,4) .

- nurnbher





ter, made public by the Soviery Tanks, Planes Reported Used

from Cairo, beginning Sunday This includes technicians and, about 100 canal pilots.

As the tension mounted. Egypt announced that Richard Kilian, an American. citizen who is correspondent for the London Daily Express, was being expelled as “a threat to the internal security of the state.” Kilian was taken off a Greek shi awaitin transit °~ through mw canal . night to fly to London for

Kilian has been in Egypt a new 18-nation conference since the crisis over Egypt's on the Suez Canal deadlock.

See CANAL. Page 5, Col. I The President stressed that Dulles’ mission will be to try by “peaceful means” to assure ithat the waterway seized by \Egypt “will perform the inter-

With Menzies: Nasser to Make Important Speech

Associated Press President Eisenhower di- rected Secretary of State John Foster Dulles last

government. said the Premier believes & should be possibile to reach at least a2 limited ‘agreement on disarmament istarting with a ban on nuclear tests The letter also expressed re gret over the United States failure so far to match the prinasens dee i. troop reduction announced re -ampenamn ‘cream ommend cently by Russia. saying that force and three fire-bombing 2 step “wou'd be of great a a a 1 significance for the strength- Teteeed totem. ng ree - international A militery spokesman Amman. Jordan's capital,

(Map on


in said

letter, written Tuesday 10 nde and were killed, 4

4 ae ig attack Kt wes 12

wounded in Sochi, the Black Sea resort 5S° ad

was received in Washington miles inside Three of the dead were listed

@s civilians: the rest were po Buigania said the Presi lice or national guardsmen.

Gents proposal for United «4 jordanian military source States Soviet patrolling of each in Jerusalem put the number other's skies “bears no rela-of Jerdaniens killed at 727i tien toe disarmament.” but (United Press reported as many added that because of Western as 40 killed. and said the post msistence om it recent arms was the desert headquarters of talks “reached an impasse” the Arab Legion

He noted the failure of vart An Israeli broadcast heard ous United Nations groups and 2 Amman described the attack other imternational confer- 25 2 reprisal for the killing of

Post Raided by Israelis, Many Killed, Jordan Says

post incendiary

national] service to which it is


| [fin Cairo, it was officially an- mounced that Egyptian Presi- dent Gamal Abdel Nasser would deal with the Sues Canal in an important speech to a new group of air cadets pane at the Reveem


‘British Send Out Call

For New Suez Parley

Britain yesterday sent invitations te 15 nations attend a new conference on the Suc« dispute in London next week. Story on Page 4.


Page 5)

lery and three military planes

which bombed the police post

building with explosives and bombs.”

‘Hammarskjold later repri- manded israel and Jordan for this week's violence of their

borders amd appealed for re-

st. aint, United Press reported. ~~ (“te be be yes me ps Ham- Air oF Saturday, Reuters


ernment, “that this atten te is announced

considered to be justified as Dulles’ special

an act ‘in self defense.” How- from his

ever, the action now quarters,

taken cannot be considered as from scheduled White House

within the limits of legitimate talks with Australia’s Prime

s*l{ defense. Minister a ae geal {“In discussions with repre- enzies was

sentatives of the government of Chief Western in

phasized that, legal obligations Dulles, accompanied by sev

apart, a policy like the one now ©" ‘op aides, will leave Mon-

pursued defeats iis own pur- day by Air Force plane for the

pose by leading to further ten- ™e@ting sponsored by British

sion and highly increasing the Ptime Minister Anthony Eden. risk for acts of violence di '2is meeting,

rected against Israeli persons fet ergger Mendy the

‘or territe Hammarsk conference said | oe me Dulles has attended in the Brit-

The Tel Aviv newspaper ish _—— in the past four Maariv. quoting Arab sources,’ Top officials here

said the attack began yesterday |

evening and raced on wntil —— Teck” ya midnight. It said the police | 4 merican-British-French plan post is the only one in the Ara- 4, cot up a Suez Canal users’ as- va Valley and controlled the ..-istion as a means of out area “where the murderers of maneuvering President Nasser

three Druze watchmen” came nutie« will be ready and will from ing, they emphasized, to listen See POLICY, Page 5, Col. 2

French Strike Oil Keeping viol 4 In South | Algeria

Kiigelien Vowe Guide Obituaries Parsons Pearson

P ctur : Page 446

The Sabrommittee public inzs last Januery

Cremer wrote that he went ft th GOP charmans effice sed thet “Tall then asked for mfoermation re support of the Parts. Went ever this again and assured bom we have no

ferences to reach any azrec- three Israeli Druze tribesmen ment on disarmament. but said by spreant ans Wednesday An supporters and opponents .of he believes there is a chance '**2e!! spokesman said there by Stevenson's runing mate... sien by Gov m of agreement “if not on the would be no statement of con- Thomas « firmation. denial or comment son. Ente Er goes rane 1 Stanley to eitthbold school a mepe pRp dow King Hussein of Jordan flew wife and several hundr ae- J to Iraq. to meet his cousin walk greeters ps Can Ree aes “Considering that the work Faisal of a. at Habban. Gistrict« i: scheduled Monday of the U. N. Disarmament wa @ former Writied fe ae ee on ome in the House of Delegaics Commission and its subcom aon Political py _ Pa. ae Opponents won an initial vic ™™ Ce Cid Dot produce 4aMyY mon said the trip was connect- his headquarters staff, “end the: tg Pe ; tive results, we should try .g with the Israeli attack ; . tory today after parliamentary: find a way out of the dead ED mor ; beginning of another ; a In New York United Na Stevenson and Kefauver have ™2®¢¥vering im a Howse appre jock to carry om talks OM GIS tions SecretaryGeneral Deg just ended a 12,00)-mile series SStions commutice They Bulganin said __ Hammarskjold expressed con- of regional meetings with po wreessfully amended the Stan He said any new talks should -orn over the new outbreak of litical leaders. Kefauver teft .. sian to include 2 local op “O"*"™ comerete questions violence in separate talks with yesterday om a campaign tour)... testure with a pupil as pertaining to the reduction of abbas Eben. Israeli’s Antbassa and said Stevenson would be ; a P - armaments, in particular taking off in a few days on @2=™enrt plan as an alierne tive, and defeated the Stanley ‘erces by a 10-7 commuttee vote

House this time motorcade to campaign head. The -<boedoen vote betwcen | remember seeing some of querters where they were met you here four years ago. the Democratic presidential nomi- nee told zreeters at Washington National Airport and at the 1728 L. st. ow. headquarters “Something went wrong then ~-| guess because you couldnt vote here.” he said. “Im plan nimz to move to Washinzton this , ume From the moment he stepped “f the plane until he wound up » tour of bheadauwarters three srs later. Stevensen played hard the Joe Smith theme used =. the televised kicko® of his campaign at Harrisburg. Pa.. Thers@day evenime. There were


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urance ec and wether we « >

rm <2?

PARIS, oa 14—French

20 engineers have struck oll in

1} Cormics

Crossword District Line D.s0n 17 Ediforiais ...16 Events today .66 Financial .. 67 Goren 64 Horescoce ..66'

~~: sel *

2-15 im Paris. today.

an Substantial quantities of oil

(8 of excellent quality had been 22 secured from a test boring

. 10,400 feet deep, the announce- ment said.

ssued later t Cel §&


See BALL. Page

FY Se Eisenhower Adds Sveech to Schedule To Boost Nixon as His Running Mate

-™ By Ea

ee a ee



card 7 hard Say Bax

- >

Fo ceptamce of @ challenge. Adlai ties of the presidency. if that °F Stevenson, Democratic presi-should ever fall upon him” GE [SSC RG. Sept. 4 dential nominee. said in Harris The evening after the send- Presid Emenhbewer has ¢¢-burg Pa. last might that Presi off breakfast for Nixon eufed t uve all of bos prestige dent Eisenhower “is not master Wednesday. 19 Presi- and eloquenceinm backing up hisim bis own house” and that dent Eisenhower will deliver running mate. Vice President “from here on the future of Re his first “major address” of the Richard M. Ninen. sow seem-publican lesders will depend 36 campaign from Broadcast imgiy the Democrats’ chief tar- mot om Mr. Eisenhower. but the House in Washington. It will be get @m the 36 cemoeien. Republican beir apparent. Mr.carried nationally over televi- It wes acneunced today that Nixon.” Stevenson moplied. as sion and radio by the Columbia Chief Executive had.added be had before. that Nixon was Broadeastjng

New Rele in Today's Worid—perceptively staff reporter Eve Edstrom in a new series


; z ‘© dor to Washington, and Tha the reduction of the numerical het Khalibi, Jordan's delegate “one of the most strenuous trips 86s ay candidzte ever : = —— ae Maye weapons ~ vors of the United States, Brit G1 to report the amended He said an atomic bam—long sin and France and told them ci: im-the-sole shoes waoch Steven- speeches and getting ready for ©" son brought from Harrisburg. the big push The leome dissenter was Del- the world ed at Charandal in South Jor- egate John C. Werbb of Fairfax. Bulganin offered as an alter- dan about half way between D been eahes over by Democrats “We knew you im the Dis as a symbol of all the common trict can't vote.” he said. “Part raeli armored mechanical bat- talion ee 5 by field artil- With Stevenson on the plane mean to carry M out.” Football Kickoff Tells of Being Beaten, Buried Ali (Picture on Page 3) naped from my home by aithat some men joined the wom- days, was fow.d nude on the by Mrs. Winn. desert today. She teld police Mrs. Winn and Mrs. Whisen- Desert. She am, 51, was found crouching driven to nearby Calexico andshe was dazed behind a desert bush the released. Mrs. Latham was cine ai

strength of the armed forces to the United Nations made” Stevenson will stay at to the Goor. The Stanley forces Gemanded by the Russians—is of the attack Classified 23-33 Tl cal Jee was born Kefauver put in a plug for See VIRGINIA, Page 33. Col 5 See NOTE. Page 5, Col 7 the Dead Sea and the Red See Joes who they say aren't get-of our piacdiorm ts to see that —S separate sec- EL CENTRO, Calif.. Sept. 14 Mexican woman I do noten she said kidnaped her. She she had been beaten and bur-and had told police yesterday kidnaped sheriffs office in San Diego taken from her palatial home

of the great powers, and also in Amman. Jordan's Foreign quips about Joe and the Maine the Sheraton Park Hote! unt wromised to try to beat the Gesired by “millions and mil The Amman military spokes 64-47 2 a symbol-of an “open” Re- District suffrage which he has The spokesman said the at- ting 2 fair shake from the Ei- you get home rule and repre. Get More For Your Family— Pelice Question Former Partzuer tien for all-season ”—A wealthy San Diego wom-know.” She told Elson ae Se ae eras ied alive by kid arrested two women, one Of about the same time.

steps for the banning of atomic ywinicter <ummoned the en. election and ove of Joe's hole- next Saturday werting oF amendment m House debat? ems of people” throughout moan «aid the attack was direct publican convention and has long urge* tack was launched “by an Is senhower administration. sentation im Congress. We had Get Sunday's Big Newspaper Broker’s Wife Found Nude in Desert use. Full of facis, an, missing from home twe Mexican woman was joined napers. Soon after Mrs. Ruth Lath by Mrs. Winn is the wife of a sunburned.




- 1 deliwer & at 2 send-hower’s feelings on Nixon. He On the night of Tuesday. e@ Oree* tos for the Vice Presi-bas expressed admiration for Sept. 25. the Chief Executive ¢-nt in the main dimieg room of him ever and ever again. On will deliver major farm the “Sastimcten National Alr- Wednesdsy. bowewer, at the speech from the Geld house of port ocut Tuesday at @ a m rally on his Gettysburg farm. Bradley University at Peoria. wly afterward Nixon be went ali out

; ;

j 2



By Carroll Kilpatrick

NGTON POST end TIMES HERALD Saturday, September 15, 1956

- Kefauver Says He



| ,

Should Get

onfidential Information, ‘Too

Associated Presse

The National Association of The association said the Manufacturers is urging busi- merged AFL-CIO seems deter-| nessmen to jump into politics mined by its political plans to to counter what NAM- said “dominate the political and in- is a labor drive to dominate dustrial life of the Nation.” It ithe Federal and state govern- said “the union leaders want iments. to smash the restrictions on | A NAM pamphlet distributed their activities contained in the to its businessmen members Taft-Hartley law, repeal exist-

—|INAM Urges Businessmen to Get Into Politics to Offset Labor Drive -

tional, state and local levels!” ‘ments as free whisky in his


whole thing is utterly prepos terous.” He added: “This is just an attempt by

the Republicans to divert at- tention from the fantastic sums they are spending for the El- senhower-Nixon and for other campaigns around the coun try.”


effort to be nominated.

Curtis emphasized he was not vouching for the accuracy of the material in the column, but thought Harriman should be offered a chance to com- ment upon it.

Subcommittee Chairman Al- bert Gore (D-Tenn.) said after-

pgs TEED & Royle


G@taf’ Reporter SARASOTA, Fia., Kefauver

¥4 (Tenn.),

Sept Sen. Estes the tial was


Democratic vice presiden

candidate, he handicapped he been refused the confiden tial information which Pres? dent Eisenhower has made available to Adlai E. Stevenson

In opening his first major campaign tour, Kefauver said he thought he should have this information since it is avail- able to the other campaigners, including Vice President Rich- ard M. Nixon

Kefauver told a press con- ference in Tampa, before com-

refor a speech in which he excoriated the Eisenhower Administration for not appoint. ing Southerners to high office, that Stevenson wanted him to have confidential reports made to him by the Central In- telligence Agency

“But the direction was that the confidential information was for him (Stevenson) and him alone.” Kefauver ex- plained. Kefauver said the in- formation would be helpful to him in helping formulate pub- lic opinion and in cafrrying on the dehate.

The Tennessean said he was particularly handicapped in discussing the Suez crisis “While 1 have ideas on the Suez.” he said, “I have not wanted to upset things by com- menting.” .

He said “part of the mess we! are in now is due to Mr. Dulles (Secretary of State John Foster) Dulles) and his lack of fore- sight and poor judgment.”

“We used every influence to’ get the British out of the Suez,” the vice presidential candidate said, “but continued to permit Egypt to bar israeli Ships from the canal

“The second thing is that after making provisions to help build the Aswan Dam we withdrew the offer without dis cussion with President Nasser.” 1] Ge

Kefauver left Washington at} 5! LOUIS Sept..1¢ Gitdead 1 p. m. today on the first ma- Mer President Truman charged jor campaign swing he has today President Eisenhower made on his own. Since the and Vice President Richard M

« } sy

convention, he has been travel-/Nixon have turned the Govern pany with Stevenson ment over to big business and

‘When the Kefauver special “have endangered our national plane touched down only about cecyrity.” 50 persongy were on hand to «They are bad for you and greet him. He drove to town bad for the country,” Mr. Tru- without much notice from the man said in a sncech few persons on the Streets. the convention of the Interna- Another small group had aS-tjonal_ Union of Electrical eset welcome = at the padig & Machine Workers. Tampa Terrace Hotel, where ad + >; he held his press conference reer} pom ye Tile ed leaders he drove to Sarasota| ;hould not be continued If of.

ice. They j

for his speech (before a ban-| ‘They have broken theircam. crats. paign and platform promises.

Kefauver spoke optimistical- + Mead phan Bon ae a ly of Demoératie prospects, de- they heve ‘deceived ‘the neople Claring thst “unity and eptim- ..» They have allowed our na-

ism” extend throughout the country. This brought him to tional defense to lag. They

his charge that the Republi- cans had neglected the South and had little interest in : > on flier nl Menzies Aide “Today there is no Southern voice which can be raised in the Republican Administration

said today



ceptionist, and Ellis Hocken

Truman Ch

? &

[s in Hospital

Arriving in St. Louis to address a convention of electrical workers, former President Truman playfully stomps on the head of an elephant costume. With him are Al Hartnett, secretary-treasurer of the union; Leota Richmond, a re-

Bows to Big Business

before '



- Keynoter Decries Big (Government!

By Bill Crider MEMPHIS, Sept. 14 ‘#—The keynote speaker at. the Na tional States Rights Confer- ence today accused the Federal

Government of .... wrecking the 7 Constitution through the power to tax and spend.

Both the Re- publican and Democratic Parties were condemned by Clarence E Manion ‘of South Bend.” Ind.. in a talk delivered here.

It was the climax of a day of speeches attacking the two major parties as look-alikes and urging a coali- tion campaign aimed at. captur- ing the Presidency.

The conference called to gether some 200 delegates from a dozen splinter partes that, ‘though their titles may vary, are agreed on the doctrine of states rights.

States righters argue that ithe Federal Government has grown too big and has usurped many of the “rights” that they say belong to the individual states under the Constitution.

“We are now living timor- ously in the shadow of a tower- ing wnconstitutional Federal giant that defies limitation


United Pree

berry, union official. arges lke

were set up by the founding fathers for the perpetuation of our republican form of govern- ment.” Manion said.

_ Manion, a lawyer and former dean of the Notre Dame school, urged the crowd

have alienated our friends and allies abroad. They have en- dangered our national security “The record sustains all these charges and more, and before this campaign we are going terrifying record pottiom Mr. Truman centered much

s fire on ti

who have rebelled this taxing-spending- destroyer of our

is over leaders * against

that snreading top *% liberties.” “Leaders.” he added, “like the former Commissioner of Internal Revenue, T. Coleman Andrews of Virginia, and Thomas H. Werdel of Califor-

to expose from

f 10n $s powe! he described progress during nia.” years in the development of; Andrews, a Richmond Demo- peaceful uses of atomic energy crat, is the States Rights 4 by the United States didate for President. Werdel Of the peacetime atomic pro- of Bakersfield, a former GOP gram, Mr. Truman said of the Representative, is the candi- Eisenhower Administration: date for Vice President. “What has been done? vir The first general session of tually nothing—and worse than the conference was gaveled to nothing.” order this morning by R. G. “The Eisenhower-Nixon team ‘Chandler of Shreveport, chair- has sat down squarely in the man of the States Rights Party middle of the road that leads of Louisiana. toward this part of our future,”| Chandler then turned the Mr. Truman said. “And it re- gavel over to the permanent fuses to budge, unless we turn chairman, Earl Evans Jr. of this whole development over Canton, president pro-tem of to the private power trust.” the Mississippi Senate.

in Washington,” he charged NEW YORK. Sept. 14 @

“There is not a Southern ugh Dash, press secretary to member of the Cabinet.” Australian Prime Minister Rob-

Not even in the Agriculture ort G Menzies, was taken by

Department, he said, is there ambulance to a hospital today a Southerner in high place who arter the Prime Minister and can speak for the South. “Sec- ni. party arrived from London

retary Benson's interests ap- An airport physician tenta- parently do not include the tively diagnosed Dash’s illness’ South P as an internal hemorrhage

At his press conference, ;, Menzies said Dash was fee! reporter said that Stevenson in ing “a bit under the weather” Nixon the “first target” of the as a result of the flight, which

: 4? sk was delayed in Prestwick, Scot- en comeee ae wees land, by bad weather and head- : Ss tic.

The vice presidential candi.\ “2 _— me Atlante

date said he did not get that







1828 “L” St. N.W. ST. 3-7100

impression from Stevenson's speech. The principal issue, Kefauver said, is “the failure), of the Republican Party on the) issues.” )

Of course, he said, if the Republicans should win Nixon’ would be the heir-apparent “Tl will talk about his record,” Ke- fauver said. “I will have con-| siderable to say about Mr. Nixon and his record and it will not all be complimentary.”

It was learned that Kefauver is not yet prepared to make a slashing attack on his neighbor and former Senate colleague. One of Kefauver’s advisers said the Senator probably would! wait for Nixon to attack first.!

Kefauver is scheduled to! campaign in this area again Saturday, partly to help Winton! King, the Democratic candi- date for Congress in the first Florida district. The seat is now held by Rep. William C Cramer, Florida's only Repub lican Congressm4n.

Kennedy Will Play Big Campaign Role

By a Staff Reporter

TAMPA, Fia., Sept. 14—Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) will play a leading role in the Dem- ocratic presidential campaign, second only to that of the pres- idential and vice presidential candidates, J. Howard Me- Grath, special assistant to Sen. Estes Kefauver, sid here to- day.

“It's my opinion that Sen. Kennedy is the third most im-

rtant campaigner we have,”

fcGrath said. He explained) that Democratic headquarters is now making up a speaking) schedule for the Massachusetts| Senator who came within a few) votes of winning the vice pres- idential nomination.

“It's a heavy schedule,” Me- Grath said. It was understood that Adlai E. Stevenson and

will confer in Wash- onday on Kennedy's schedule. McGrath accompa-'



8715 Colesville Rd. SILVER SPRING

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nied Kefauver to Florida today.

‘, A,

“socialistic” |

through the process of laws that suggestion that I did is pure

law to ‘rally around those courageous ¢;.; 4)

+ he would talk with Hall “and see c

isaid organized labor has fash- ing state right-towork laws, jioned “a political missile of and smother attempts to ex- imnassive proportions” to ex- tend this protection against iplode during the current cam- compulsory unionism to other ipaign. states.”

The pamphiet said business _ ican help turn organized labor's GOP Asks Inquiry political “missile” into a “dud’ ; ; : sy encouraging management [nto Harriman Spending

ward his group would consider the possibility. He said he per- sonally was against the sugges- tion “unless we had something ‘more substantial to go on.” At Lake Placid, Harriman said through an aide that “the


824 15th Street N.W. 1015 Connecticut Ave.

i aw

~—w see

people to get into politics, by) new yorK. Sept. 14 discussing broad political is Twenty-five. Republican state sues in company publications,+cenate candidates today threw ‘tour plants, and by urging support behind a move to have vorkers to vote. the United States Senate inves-

It pointed out that while cor tigate a report that Gov. Aver- porations cannot make politi-iej) Harriman spent $2 million cal contributions “individuals trying to win the Democratic have greater freedom and presidential nomination. should exercise it, botl. in re-| The group, meeting to map gard to contributions and ac- campaign strategy, adopted a tivity in behalf of candidates | resolution calling for the Har- who will be free agents.” riman investigation.

NAM took the position that; farlier this week United candidates supported by organ- States Sen. Carl T. Curtis (R- ized labor would not be free Neb) proposed that Harriman agents. be invited to appear before a'

NAM said labor's political Senate subcommittee investi-| “missile” has capture of Con- gating campaign practices to gress as its main target comment om the spending re

But it added that “the ‘fall port out is designed to drop union- He said this came from a’ |Sponsored candidates into com- Drew Pearson newspaper col- manding positions in the legis- umn which claimed Harriman’ ilatures of every one of the 43 offered to pay expenses of states and union sympathizers Democratic convention dele- ———

Roth D. J- Kaufm Men’s Stores Will

an Re

Closed Today

in observance of Religious Holy Day

Joseph D. Kaufman President

* 1005 Penn. Ave. NW,

* 14th & tye Sts. N.W,

into administrative posts at na- gates and offered such induce

Our New Location

710 13th St. N.W,

HALL—From Page I

House Group Links Hall | To Awardof U.S. Contract

through the Republican WNa-jimportance” of the work Cre. tional Committee, Hall said: j(mer’s company had previously| ("I can’t help what anyone! done in Cuba. | writes in his personal diary.| The memorandum states that I have never cleared any con-' before seeing Hall, Crmer called | tractor, big or small, for work on James P. Pinkley, director of! with the Government. Any the National Industrial Reserve, | a division of GSA.

Cremer wrote that.when he) asked Pinkley what was hold-, ing up award of the contract) award, Pinkley cited the Re-| publican National Committee! as one obstacle. Cremer added ia bis memorandum: “(Pinkley) hopes we can get Hall's clear- ance today—thinks now this is| essential.” Brooks said in a statement’ accompanying release of the document that Cremer is now) retired and living in Ojai, Calif.’ During his testimony last Jan- uary and February, Cremer had said he conferred with Hall in an effort to obtain his sup-

av Washington's Most Modern Formal Clothes Rental Service


Testimony before the Sub- committee brought out that the lucrative insurance brokerage contract on the construction work went to a Chicago. firm headed by two Republican of- s.

Cremer wrote in his memo- randum that he then conferred with Edmund F. Mansure. then head of the General Services Administrations the Govern- ment agency which had juris- diction over the Nicaro project.

Cremer wrote that when he told Mansure of his talk with Hail. “he (Mansure) seemed port for the contract. much pleased.” Cremer added. Mansure resigned as GSA that Mansure advised him that administrator while the Sub- ommittee was holding its hear- “full ings,


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You may get only 80 or 60 cents for your tire dollar if you don’t know certain facts about tires! Every large manufacturer makes from 4 to 6 different grades ... so you have te know the NAME AND THE GRADE if you want to get what you pay for. The 1956 OFFICIAL CHART of the tire industry shows the exact rating for every make in ove? grade. And Ben Hundley was. first te invite the public to use this chart with no cost or obligation! Always be sure you see latest 1956 Chart. The tire industry constantly changes mames and brands ... so don’t be fooled with 1955 or 1954 charts!

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100 LEVEL FIRST-LINE GRADE A : Same Grade and Quality as New Car Equipment





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Rent Your Formal Wear From a Custom Tailor—

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Tubeless or 17.89 Tire and Tube

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3446 14th ST. N.W


If you can buy the same tires fér less within 5 days, Ben Hundley will give you double the difference in cash!

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